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I was a tourist guide once, so I was already familiar with the visual richness of Ephesus. I told of these details to our designers. Finally they created beautiful designs by using all these details. By this way, we prepared the basis for our project. Our intention is always to rescue carpets from their workmanship identity and give them an art product identity. We have started to reach to our intention by the revelation of each aesthetic design. However, as the professors say: "a design devoid of information, cannot rescue the product from workmanship product identity".


İstanbul 7

An author, an artist, a designer is mostly affected by the environment in which he(she) lives. Being born and raised in Istanbul, I took this advantage to my side. Take a look around, you will soon detect either a Byzantine remain on one side of the area, facing to an Ottoman remain on the opposite. What an outstanding exception for a project designer to live in such an environment with all the pluses in this field. Istanbul With Her Seven Hills & Seven Ruler. We have decided to focus on seven personalities from the past history. Those who have played the major role in shaping her past historic background, especially with their decisions during critical eras in past centuries, namely: Byzas, Constantine (I), Theodosius (II), Justinian & wife Theodora; Mehmet II (The Conqueror), Süleyman I & wife Roxelana; and finally Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK. Our experts Ms. Kurfeyz & Mr. Sağlam went ahead with their study in gilding and decorating during the eras when the above mentioned were in office and/or in power, as I had to do my part in investigating the additions to the city during those rulers’ active years. Being an old guide gave me extra hints in investigation period, through which I gathered some coded knowledge and related legends.


Hereke Silk Carpet Series

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